Human Tissue and Biofluids Procurement

FIDELIS RESEARCH recognizes the increasing importance of biospecimens, which are becoming essential tools for the translation of our client’s research into new products.

FIDELIS RESEARCH has supply agreements with a broad network of sites in the South East Europe region, allowing us to provide our customers with both commonly used and difficult to find human tissue and biofluid specimens for translational research.

FIDELIS RESEARCH is collaborates with KOLs from its collection sites where donors are identified, consent is obtained and specimens are collected.

FIDELIS RESEARCH has built a reputation of a professional partner providing hard to find human tissue specimens and biofluids. The quality of the specimens and the methods we use for their collection assure that researchers have access to high volume of research specimens with consistent information, quality and de-identified patient disease information.

FIDELIS RESEARCH's clients use the specimens we provide for:

  • identifying the causes and mechanism of action of diseases
  • identification of disease-relevant genes or mutations
  • development of new drug molecules
  • biomarker discovery in drug development

Before initiating your project, we will perform a feasibility study. Tailored feasibility studies help our customers better forecast their procurement plans and research and development timelines.

Each client defines their project-specific parameters:


  • Purpose and scope
  • Ethical standards, IRB/IEC, and ICF approval elements for genomic research


  • Patient population: inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Samples collection, preparation, labeling
  • Laboratory processing (protocols, media)
  • Specimens storage and shipment conditions


  • Standard (medical history, physical examination, lab data)
  • Project-specific CRF components
  • Database use


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